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Piano World Newsletter
April 2001
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

April 2001
In-Tune Newsletter
April 2001

In This Issue:

~ Where Have We Been?
~ What's New ?
~ Links
~ Time to Vote!
~ Forum Archives
~ Competitions and Conferences
~ Jokes?
~ Quiz Time
~ Books & Magazines
~ Organs?
~ Bookmarks
~ Help Wanted

========= Where Have We Been? ============

I know, I know, it's been a long time since our last newsletter.   I
apologize for keeping you waiting so long.  Piano World has grown
substantially (both in size and numbers of visitors) and quite honestly,
I'm having trouble keeping up.
I run Piano World and by myself in addition to a full
time job as an Internet/Ecommerce specialist for a big publishing house.  
When I refer to "we", I'm referring to those rare times when my teenage
daughter decides to help out.  Now that she's been accepted to college
(dance major) I doubt she will be available anymore.
I think "In-Tune" may have to become a quarterly publication.  More on
this under "Help Wanted".

============== What's New? =================

I've managed to add a few new areas with things to see and do on Piano
World.  To stay up with the latest developments, please visit the "What's
New?" page at:
This is a good place to check in between "In-Tune" publications.

=========== Links =================

Although I'd like to think of Piano World as the best source for piano
information on the Web, I realize there are other good resources out
there.  Whenever I find something I think is worthwhile, I add it to our 
"Links" page.  You might want to check this section out occasionally to
see what's been added:

Speaking of links, if you have a Web site and would like to link to Piano
World I'd be happy to have you do so.  Instructions can be found at:

========= Time To Vote! ==============

The "Favorite Pianist Poll" has become so popular I decided to create a
couple of new polls.  First, I expanded the selections in the Favorite
Pianist Poll (based on feedback from you, our visitors), next I added a
"Favorite Classical Composer" and "Favorite Piano Brand" poll.  Drop by
today and cast your votes!
They are linked under the "Just For Fun" heading in the left navigation
area or through the What's New section.

=========== Forum Archives ============

Piano World has two active online forums, The Piano Forum for discussions
about the instrument itself and The Pianist's Corner for discussions about
playing the piano.
A lot of good information is contained in these discussions.  I've been
saving the archives of previous discussions for quite a while now.  I'm
finally beginning to post these archives in a completely searchable format
on the Web site.
You can find them at:

========== Competitions and Conferences ===========

International Young Musician 2002 Contest for pianists, cellists and
violinists up to 13 years of age, in Tallinn, Estonia, April 11-14, 2002.
For more information, please visit their Web site at: 

The National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy will be held at the Hyatt
Regency Oak Brook in Oak Brook, Illinois July 19-21. This is a very
comprehensive conference covering many aspects of teaching and performing.
It looks like they will have some great workshops and present evening
recitals as well as mini-recitals throughout each day.

More information is available at: (800) 824-5087 or email
(I couldn't find any listing for a web site on this one).

=========== Jokes? ===================

The following were contributed by our visitors:

"Only the winners spend time on the bench."    
Contributed by Judy Bohne.
"I say, is that your own arrangement?"
"Why yes, I re-arranged all the notes myself!"
"I'm sorry, Sir, I am unfamiliar with the request you want, but I can play
a tune that has many of the same notes in it!"
Both of the above contributed by Matt Black - Piano Man

============ Quiz Time ==============

I believe we left off with:
"What is a hemi,semi,demi quaver?"

Answer: a 64th note.

New Question …
What does "Action" mean when referring to a piano?

======== Books & Magazines ==========

The Piano Book…
Those of you who are familiar with Larry Fine's book "The Piano Book"
might be interested to know the new edition (fourth edition, revised &
updated, red cover) is now available.  If you aren't familiar with this
wonderful resource, we have a brief press release posted on the site at:

International Piano Quarterly…
The spring edition of International Piano Quarterly is now available.
This beautifully produced publication contains a number of well written
articles and includes some great photos.
More information at their Web site:

========= Organs? ================

We occasionally receive requests for information about organs, not my area
of expertise.  However, we do have a page with links to other resources
and have added a page for organ dealers (only one dealer in there at the
moment, a company that specializes in used Hammond's).

=============== Bookmarks ==============

We are now offering a line of hand-crafted bookmarks made from actual old
ivory piano key tops.  These are truly unique pieces that make great gifts
(or treat yourself).  You can see them now in our online store, at:
Additional selections will be added shortly.

========== HELP WANTED!! ==============

As I stated at the beginning of this issue, I do 99.9% of the work on
Piano World by myself.  If you enjoy visiting Piano World (and I certainly
hope you do), please consider lending a hand.
Anything from contributing a short anecdote to a full fledged article
would be most appreciated. 
Other things to consider:
* CD reviews (reviews of piano oriented CDs)
* Stories
* News about the piano industry
* How-to or helpful hints
* Pictures (particularly of unusual or unique pianos).
* Concert schedules
* Competitions
If you do decide to help, please make sure the content you are
contributing is ok for us to use. Be careful of copyrights and
permissions, we don't want to anger anyone. If it isn't something original
you created, please check with the rightful owner.

Send them to:
Please include your name, State and Country

Let us know if you want us to include your name or not.

		Thank You

We would also appreciate it if you would help us spread
the word about Piano World, and


		Until Next Time

Your piano-loving friend

Frank Baxter

Piano World

Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved

If you want to use something from "In-Tune", please
ask first.
If you would like to reprint an article from "In-Tune",
please give us credit and include our URLs.
(And send me a copy, I love to see our name in print).

If we print an article here that is copyrighted by
someone else, we will indicate that it is. In this
case, you would need to contact the originator.


If you have any articles, stories, jokes, reviews, or other piano related news you would like to submit, please send them to